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People issues?

Are your people fully engaged in the company mission? 69% say they're not. Are you seeing in-fighting, gossip, lots of sick days, poor productivity, poor customer satisfaction, dis-respect in the workplace, high employee turnover?

Not sure what to say? Wondering how to approach the next tough talk?

Get your Free Guide to Plan and Design Crucial Conversations, and learn about the Human Interaction Process. You can use it as a navigation tool for conflict management. Do it now.  

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Conflict in the Workplace?

 CONTACT 20-20 gives you a 7 step framework for navigating important conversations to win-win outcomes.   Learn the latest in cutting edge best practice communications skills to establish common ground fast.

It has respect in the workplace communications training built in to help reduce bias. 

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Are your communication and information flow systems and procedures working really well or just good enough?

A well designed business communication strategy makes sure your people feel included, are well informed and part of solutions. It motivates and inspires your people throughout the year to achieve their goals.

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The number one problem that came up in every 60 -70 question custom business inquiry/survey we've done in the last 18 years is:

Communication and Information Flow.

What are your business communication strategies?

We can help you design and implement a custom and effective communications system to take your company next level in just 8 weeks. 

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If your frustrated with how motivated your people are - no sense of urgency, attention to detail lacking, making mistakes, having to do re-work way too often, or any number of other people issues, let us listen to your biggest problem. We'll show you what you might say to your managers and their work groups, to get them to buy into your objectives. Take advantage of our free 45-minute coaching session where we will show you exactly what you can do to get your people's buy in.

CONTACT 20-20 for individuals

Improve your personal communications skills and get the confidence you need to navigate any important situation or conversation with ease.


"Motivational, uplifting and practical! Thanks to Michael for providing simple strategies and useful tips to help our team become more effective communicators. We’ve already incorporated the CONTACT Communication System and Masterminding technique into our tool box and it is proving to be highly effective in many of our interactions ... - it has helped us to better navigate challenging situations with next level results. "

Sam Blair
Senior Manager, Valard Construction, Environment

"“Michael has a proven ability to communicate openly and effectively with a variety of personalities and races” “Michael has been extremely helpful to me with my role in human resources. He has helped me to hone my listening skills as well as setting goals in both my personal and professional life.” "

Connie Olsen
HR, Derks Formals & Menswear.

""The ongoing survey and coaching services SuccessToolChest provides Alberco are a definite advantage to our human resource goals.”"

Ron Simonsmeier, President,
Alberco Construction Ltd.

""His motivational skills are sharply honed. He is dedicated with a truly professional approach to the challenges meeting today’s businesses. His enthusiasm and alternate approach to finding business solutions is refreshing.” "

G.A. Derk,
Derks Formals and Menswear.

""I would highly recommend your services to any organization." "

Kevin Bialobzyski,
Cascades Resources

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