Communicate for Profits

Are you a running a Family Business with 20 or more employees?

Systems for Effective Business Communications.  

No more employee communications issues and disfunction between managers and departments.

Instead, a team that runs like a well-oiled machine, without bugging you with every detail or challenge that comes along.  

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No more working 60-70-80 hours a week.

Instead, working 20-30-40 hours max, and taking 6 or 8 weeks off every year without getting phone calls while your away.

3 steps to 30%+ profits every year. Learn more.

No more disappointing Bank Balances or (Brackets and Red) on your financials!

Instead, a laser focused work group giving you steady year over year growth, all while working less, arguing less, and having more free time and fun.

Take our Free Business Communication Strategy Class

The world's simpliest model for increasing sales and profits using your biggest asset. Your people!

1) The secret to getting your employees laser-focused on doing whatever it takes for your company to WIN at the next level.

2)How to turn your "average" employees into the industry's best, in as little as 16-weeks.  

3) What to do with your disgruntled employees that turns them into raving fans of your company so you become an employer of choice.

All this equals More Sales and Higher Profits!

Nothing to Buy in this 45 minute training class!

Let us first teach you how to use the Communicate for Profits formula for free. This way you can know for sure whether this model is for you. No matter what however, we believe you'll soon discover that the Communicate for Profits model gives you the business, the freedom and the income you want. Learn to see your business, and your people, in a way that promotes effective communication from top to bottom and results in profits. Just click below and we'll teach you how to do it.


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"Mike recommended specific communication initiatives and helped us implement them. Things like our daily tool box talks, 2-way performance review systems and a mentor program. Our retentions rates increased right after Mike began working with us. We identified and developed five superintendents and have more in our mentor program. Our communication systems make our information flow accurate and timely. This helps motivate our staff, keeps us all focused on making improvements, and allows for meaningful feedback from the workforce for timely action. We can make adjustments to ensure the workforce is healthy, productive, efficient. All this has helped our company achieve quality and growth targets consistently. We would highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants help with establishing communication strategy and systems within their business so they can be a better company."

Ron Simonsmeier, President,
Alberco Construction Ltd.

Skip the Class - Is this YOU?

You’re fed up with low bank balances and the line of credit not coming down. Your done with being constantly bombarded by people from the time you walk into the office till the time you leave.
You’re frustrated watching people communicate ineffectively. They don't know when to use emails, texts, phone or when an in-person meeting is needed.
Your sick of watching employees drag their feet, working without a sense of urgency, or paying attention to detail and making mistakes. Worse, managers aren't dealing with it right or in a timely fashion. There's way too much re-doing things.
Your people say the wrong things at the wrong time or in the wrong way - sometiems making things worse.
You’re wondering if you can keep going like this for much longer. At times you're wondering if its even worth it.
Special Offer: 1) Mike will listen to your challenges and 2) he'll help you find a unique solution that fits for your business. 3) he'll give you a step by step plan you can being to implement immediately.  
Your company can run like a well-oiled machine. It can be healthy and operate and grow without you being there every minute of every day.
You can have your business running so well that even when you're a way for two or three weeks, you won't get a phone call.
And when your business runs well and makes money without you being there all the time, it's worth more to you, and to buyers, if you ever want to get out, and it sells faster.

Or, if you want to pass the business on to the next generation, the system Mike follows and shares to help you through your challenges, will help you make the transition to the kids smooth for them and the employees. 


Take advantage of our free 45-minute Business Communication Strategy Coaching Session where we will show you exactly what you can do to get your biggest asset, your people, working hard to give you the life you want and deserve, and they'll enjoy doing it. 
What are your business communication strategies? Is it all systemized for healthy 2-way communications? 
Join Mike Garska for a complimentary business communications strategy coaching session. He'll listen to your specific challenges and give you a step-by-step plan you can walk away with. There'll be no obligation to buy anything. If you request information on our programs, Mike will let you know what it takes to qualify to be accepted into our programs and he'll ask you questions to determine if you're ready for our training. Thank you for reading. Click below right now for your free coaching session.

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Do you have People or Communication issues? Could you be a better communicator at times?

Seem to be arguing too much? Don't know what words to say? Don't know how to repsond to arrogant people? Sometimes you clam up. Sometimes you lash out. Sometimes you just want to be alone and not have to deal with people? It doesnt have to be like that. You can be confident going into any difficult situation or conversation, knowing exactly what to say and when to say it. You can know exactly when it's best to listen and when its best to speak up. You can be comfotable going into a place where you know no-one. You can learn to navigate any conversation to win-win outcomes. Sign up to learn our 7 step CONTACT 20-20 framework for difficult conversations.

Not sure what to say? Wondering how to approach the next tough talk?

Get your Free Guide to Plan and Design Crucial Conversations, and learn about the Human Interaction Process. You can use it as a navigation tool for conflict management. Do it now.  

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Conflict in the Workplace?

 CONTACT 20-20 gives you a 7 step framework for navigating important conversations to win-win outcomes.   Learn the latest in cutting edge best practice communications skills to establish common ground fast.

It has respect in the workplace communications training built in to help reduce bias. 

Get help with conflict at work issues now

CONTACT 20-20 for individuals

Improve your personal communications skills and get the confidence you need to navigate any important situation or conversation with ease.


"Motivational, uplifting and practical! Thanks to Michael for providing simple strategies and useful tips to help our team become more effective communicators. We’ve already incorporated the CONTACT Communication System and Masterminding technique into our tool box and it is proving to be highly effective in many of our interactions ... - it has helped us to better navigate challenging situations with next level results. "

Sam Blair
Senior Manager, Valard Construction, Environment

""His motivational skills are sharply honed. He is dedicated with a truly professional approach to the challenges meeting today’s businesses. His enthusiasm and alternate approach to finding business solutions is refreshing.” "

G.A. Derk,
Derks Formals and Menswear.

""I would highly recommend your services to any organization." "

Kevin Bialobzyski,
Cascades Resources

"“Michael has a proven ability to communicate openly and effectively with a variety of personalities and races” “Michael has been extremely helpful to me with my role in human resources. He has helped me to hone my listening skills as well as setting goals in both my personal and professional life.” "

Connie Olsen
HR, Derks Formals & Menswear.

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