Help Me Communicate. Introduction to mod 2 Part 7 of CONTACT. 2 Mistakes to Avoid


Hi all Merry Christmas and happy holiday season,

Welcome to Help Me Communicate.

This week I’m introducing the release the 10th video in the new multi-media and animated CONTACT Communications Program for Becoming a Great Communicator and Leader.  

2 common mistakes to avoid if you want to be a great communicator in sensitive, crucial or corrective conversations. 

As we move through this holiday season, communication can be tough with family members at get together’s.

There’s 2 common mistakes people make when communicating especially in sensitive crucial or corrective situations. See if you can stop doing them this holiday season.

When you learn to be a great communicator in sensitive, crucial and corrective conversations, you will be a positive influence on others and be seen as a good  co-worker, friend, and family member. You will have a positive effect on those you work with, live with and visit and you will attract more successes in your life.

I hope you enjoy the next part of CONTACT. 

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