Introduction to The Science of Emotions and Feelings


This week is an Introduction to the next section of Out Yourself Wisely in the CONTACT Program — The Science of Emotions and Feelings.  Do you want to be a great communicator and leader?

This video will help you better understand emotions and feelings so you can control your spiked emotions and engage others easier.

I want to help you prevent emotional roadblocks to effective communicating, building healthy relationships and living in Peace of Mind. With more understanding of emotions and feelings your ability to control those unwanted emotions and choose your feelings will make you a better friend, spouse, brother, sister, father, mother or leader.

Over the next couple months I’m making a new online multi media, animated CONTACT Communications program. I’m releasing a new video weekly that is part of the program. It’s free as I build the program. Take advantage.

Once it’s complete, it will be a paid product at offered with a mastermind group support system.

This week I'm releasing the Science of Emotions and Feelings. They are so important to communicating because they are part of every communication interaction in our lives.  Learn the 5 things you need to know about Emotions and Feelings in the video below.

One of my biggest influencers was Napoleon Hill.  He wrote many books on being successful, selling over 80 million copies. It’s very interesting how the communications techniques I’m sharing with you in the CONTACT program fit so well with all of his concepts and with the success building ideas of almost every self help author I’ve read. 

In one of my favorite books from The Napster, as I call him, Napoleon Hill,  ‘Grow Rich with Peace of Mind,  he shares an interesting  story about how he was introduced to the 26 enemies in the jungle of life. We all pass through this jungle of life in our journey to peace of mind and joy. On our journey through this jungle to peace of mind and fulfillment, we must defeat 26 enemies.

It’s very interesting that most of the enemies are a negative emotions/feelings. Some are more of a negative way of thinking and processing, which invokes negative feelings we want to avoid in healthy communications and in a success journey. We want to spread positive energy as an effective leader.

Learning to take control of these negative processes and shifting them helps us be better communicators and leaders. The list of 26 enemies to defeat in our jungle of life is posted below.  By working towards conquering these, you will become a better communicator and enjoy more peace and happiness.

To help you conquer those 26 enemies it really helps to understand the Science of emotions and feelings. Enjoy. Watch below or check it out at my YouTube channel Mike Garska where the first 7 videos in the program are now posted or they’re all at the Vlog Blog as well. Have a great day. Enjoy. Cheers.

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