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CONTACT Mod 2 Part 1 - Overview of O in CONTACT and the #1 Rule for Effective Communicating

Sep 12, 2018

CONTACT Animated Overview of O and the #1 Rule for Effective Communicating. 

Welcome to module 2 of Contact. O in CONTACT is for Out Yourself wisely. After you’re aware of your own HIP, and you’ve considered how the other person might be HIPing, it’s time to speak.

In this Session I’m going introduce the overview of Out yourself wisely and then share the most important rule of effective communications.

Do you want to be perceived accurately? If you want to be perceived accurately, it’s important to share wisely. Allot matters.

Your word choice, body language, facial expression, voice tone. All of these things affect how we are perceived and I’ll talk about the details throughout this module in multiple videos.

We’ll go over Words to avoid and which words to replace them with. How to use name calling and labelling effectively and Which labels and names to avoid. I’ll talk about effective and meaningful questioning.

I’ll talk...


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