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Help Me Communicate. Intro to 11 tips for Voice tone and talk speed. Jan 16, 2019

Jan 24, 2019

Hi All, I’m Mike

Welcome to Help Me Communicate.

This week I’m introducing the release the 12th video in the new multi-media and animated CONTACT Communications Program for Becoming a Great Communicator and Leader.  

Learn 11 tips for effective voice tone and talking speed today. Voice tone and talk speed are keys to effective communicating.

Tone easily changes the meaning of statements and questions.

Talking speed affect your listeners interest and comprehension.   

Be aware of them and control them if you want to be a great communicator and leader in sensitive, crucial and corrective conversations. 

Words are key. Voice tone and speed can drastically alter how those effective words are communicated and interpreted. 

We can use wise word choice and still screw up our communications with the wrong body language, facial expression and voice tone and talk speed. Last week I shared the video on body language and facial expression. Do a review...


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