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CONTACT Mod 2 Part 7 - 2 communications mistakes to avoid that hurt sensitive, crucial or corrective conversations.

Jan 02, 2019

Hi everybody, This part of CONTACT Out Yourself Wisely, is about 2 communications mistakes to avoid that hurt Important conversations.  Avoid these mistakes so you keep people engaged and moving towards solutions, especially when the conversation is sensitive, intense or corrective.

Avoid negative labeling and name calling

Avoid expecting others to know what you’re thinking, feeling or expecting. Tell Them, Don't ask them to guess. 

Why avoid these 2 things? 1st thing, In my experience, negative labeling and name calling often put people on the defensive and makes them want to attack back. It might turn them off and de-motivate them, make them go into a cocoon. Either way it blocks effective communication.

What happens for you if I call you dumb, or ignorant, insensitive, egotistical?  Do you like it when someone labels you as a bad person in some way or calls you a negative name? Probably not. Do you feel like engaging in positive or solution oriented...


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