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CONTACT Mod 2 Part 2 - Out Yourself Wisely 3 rules for 'You' & 'I' statements

Sep 26, 2018

This session in the Out Yourself Wisely part of Contact is about EFFECTIVE WORD CHOICE. Using good meaningful questioning and the words You, I, effectively!

When is best to use ‘I’? When is best to use ‘You’? What is meaningful questioning and when do we use it? Do you want to be accurate and effective expressing yourself? Do you want to be honest, authentic and real?

If you want to be perceived as honest, real and authentic, your accurate word choice is key, especially in avoiding or resolving conflict or difficult interactions.

Here’s 3 basic I and You rules for effective communicating using CONTACT.

  1. Use ‘I’ and ‘My’ Statements when expressing your personal HIP awareness.
  2. Avoid making negative judgement ‘You’ statements
  3. Use ‘You’ and ‘Your’ in behavior or situational descriptions, and in questions.

Sharing your own HIP authentically and real is best done using ‘I’ statements....


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