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Introduction to 8 words and phrases NOT to use. CONTACT

Dec 19, 2018

This week is an Introduction to the next part of Module 2, part 6 of Out Yourself Wisely in the CONTACT Program — I share the 8 words and phrases NOT to use in sensitive, important or corrective conversations so you become a better friend, spouse, brother, sister, father, mother, relative or leader.

When you avoid the 8 words and phrases in crucial and important conversations, you relationship become more healthy and functional. As a result you get to live in more peace of mind.

That’s what good communicating does. Gives us more peace of mind and healthier relationships.  Good communicating helps us get the job we want. Helps us become better leaders and takes down roadblocks.

If you’re having any of these challenges, becoming a better communicator will help you.

Having conflicts with people at work. Customers, co-workers, etc.  

Fighting with kids, spouse, friends or other people important in your life.

Having a hard time finding a job.

Having a hard...

CONTACT Mod 2 Part 6 - 8 Words and Phrases NOT to USE

Dec 19, 2018

Hi everybody,

This part of CONTACT Out Yourself Wisely, is about what Words NOT to USE, so you keep people engaged and moving towards solutions, especially when the conversation is sensitive or intense.

There are 8 words and phrases NOT to USE. They can put people on the defensive easily, and block effective communicating especially when the outcome and emotional stakes are high.

They can be unhealthy to you personally too. When we use these 8 words/phrases in our communications with self, our self-talk, they can deflate us, diminish our self esteem, invoke fear, or lack of confidence. Do you want to use words that make you and others feel anxious, deflated, embarrassed and angry?

Or words that make you and others feel safe, comfortable, confident and like you and they matter?   

Do you want to spread and grow negative emotions with your word choice or positive feelings?

If you want to be a good communicator and leader you’ll have to grow positive feelings in others,...


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