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Eight words and phrases to avoid for healthy communications habits

Jan 24, 2018

8 words and phrases to avoid for healthy communications habits.

Do you struggle with what words to choose in a difficult situation?

Have you noticed some people turn off after you say something?

Could you be gentler when you’re being direct?

When you’re coaching someone to correct a behavior or mistake, do they get defensive?

You’re probably using defensive provoking words.

The 8 words and phrases to avoid I share here help you be a more gentle and engaging communicator.

Using soft words keeps people open instead of defensive.

They help you be a better leader and coach.


1.       Always — replace with usually or often or mostly.

This ones a little contradictory, but it’s very important. Avoid it most of the time.

In a workshop with equipment managers one person pointed out that you should always put diesel in a diesel engine. Using sometimes or most often doesn’t apply here. That's why I say avoid always most...


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