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CONTACT Mod 2 Part 3 - How to use 'We' and 'Our' vs, 'Me', 'My', and 'I'

Oct 17, 2018

HI everybody,

Welcome. This part of Out Yourself Wisely — Effective Word Choice is about how to use ‘We’ and ‘Our’  accurately and effectively vs. ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘My’.

And I include this because after 30 years of watching people’s word choice closely and picking it apart for accuracy, I‘ve witnessed leaders, and many people, using ‘I’ and ‘We’ inappropriately when talking about their business and family situations.

The result when these words are used inaccurately can be: we turn people off, or we de-motivate, or Trigger A Feeling Of Being Un-Appreciated. We can put people on the defensive and basically, hinder the communications process.

Have you ever felt unappreciated? Have you ever felt de-motivated and grumbled through a task?  When we’re active in this state, re-work, or more work, is often the result and the negative feelings fester and grow.

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