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Help Me Communicate Feb 20 2019 Introduction to CONTACT Module 5 Affirm and Clarify

Mar 15, 2019

Hi All, I’m Mike

Welcome to Help Me Communicate.

This week I’m introducing the release the 15th video in the new multi-media and animated CONTACT Communications Program for Becoming a Great Communicator and Leader.  

Learn 3 techniques for Reflective listening in this part of CONTACT to help you effectively Affirm and Clarify what the other person is saying and meaning. ‘A’ in CONTACT stands for Affirm and clarify to make sure your interpretation is right. Use reflective listening. Learn 3 techniques for reflective listening.  

When you learn to be a great questioner and listener, you’ll become a great communicator in sensitive, crucial and corrective conversations.

Do you want to have a positive effect on those you work with, live with and play with? Become a great communicator using the CONTACT system. When you do, you will attract more successes in every aspect of your life.

You’ll naturally be using these techniques at times...


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