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CONTACT part 2 of step 6 Finding Common Ground

Apr 17, 2019

Hi everybody. This video is part 2 of step 6 in CONTACT. Like I said, The 2nd ‘C’ in CONTACT stands for Common Ground — find it and get each person in the ‘yes’ frame of mind.  In this video I’ll give you the last 7 steps of Finding Common ground using CONTACT.

I’m going to get you to take the idea of seeking first to understand then to be understood to another level in this video to really make a difference in how you communicate and get people to engage in those tough conversations.

Here’s the overview and then some details. From the last video, Step 1 is to break the ice with some lighter conversation. Step 2 is to get agreement on how people communicate and then to agree to use the HIP as a navigation tool for the conversation.

Step 3 in finding common ground is to become Conscious of your own HIP. Step 4. Out yourself wisely. Step 5. Notice them. 6. Tune in. Actively listen

Step 7 in finding common ground is to Affirm and...

CONTACT Module 5 - Affirm and clarify - use reflective listening

Mar 15, 2019

Hi everybody. This video is about step 5 in CONTACT. A in CONTACT stands for Affirm and clarify what you heard, to be sure you got it right. Use reflective listening to make sure you truly understand before you seek to be understood and to find common ground.

What is reflective listening? states it’s a communication strategy involving two key steps: 1, seeking to understand a speaker's idea, then 2, offering the idea back to the speaker, to confirm the idea has been understood correctly.

In effective communications, we want to avoid the temptation to respond from our own frame of reference, before we get clear on the other person. I’m going to give you 3 techniques for reflective listening.

Because I want you to know how to get the other person’s story right. We want to affirm and clarify what we’ve heard and witnessed, and get our interpretations correct. We want to make sure...


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