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Help Me Communicate Intro to Separation and Timing for Ugly Conversations Sept 5 2018

Sep 05, 2018

When things get intense and ugly, how do we detach so we can calm ourselves, and approach with healthy reason and effectively communicate?

If you want to be a great leader you will have to get good at detachment and Timing when intensity and/or ugliness trigger in an interaction.

In the video below I share a technique and thought pattern for detachment.

One time I had to detach and postpone a conversation was when I was fired at 28 years old.   

The one time I was fired in my life was a difficult period. I was the lone provider. My wife was a stay at home mom and we had 2 kids. Being fired however, become a turning point in my career. I accessed my resilience and started my own business. It was a cellular phone business that I started from the trunk of my car and grew to 3 stores and 3 million in annual revenue before I sold it. I started the business with zero money and no investors. My first business cards were put on a credit card and I leased a car that I worked...


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