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CONTACT Mod 2 Part 8 - Body Language, Facial Expression

Jan 16, 2019

CONTACT Mod 2 Part 8. Body Language, Facial Expression — be aware open and engaging.

Be aware of your own body, facial and tone expressions and learn to read others.

To get better at reading others, be aware, notice their body language and ask about their HIP while you’re watching.

Hi everybody, this part of CONTACT Out yourself wisely is about effective and positive body language and facial expression. It’s over 70% of communications and can easily change the meaning of statements and questions.

Being aware of your own body language is key to communicating, especially in crucial, sensitive or corrective conversations. Reading other people body language is also a key to leading and navigating difficult conversations successfully.

The simple success strategy is to be open, interested and engaging. Here’s 10 tips for effective positive body language and facial expression. A couple are tips to help you read and adjust other people’s body language.  ...


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