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CONTACT Module 4 - Tune In - Active listening. 'T' in CONTACT

Feb 20, 2019

Hi everybody. This video is step 4 in CONTACT. 'T' in CONTACT stands for Tune in which is all about active listening. In step 1, I asked you to become conscious. Step 2 I asked you to Out yourself wisely to open the conversation.

Step 3 is to Notice the other person by asking about their HIP. Step 4 in a healthy communication process is to Tune in. To engage others, we need to pay attention so they see we are listening.

We want to understand them. We want them to feel what they are saying is important and recognized by us.  This module is about developing good listening skills. I’m going to give you 17 tips for developing healthy active listening skills. First an overview and then some details on each tip.

You’ll naturally be using many of these tips already. But when emotions run deep, the stakes are high and the conversation is important, we can be off balance and our good skills can go out the window. It takes awareness, know how, discipline and effort to get...


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