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CONTACT Mod 1 Part 3 - Consciousness Now - Separation and Timing

Sep 05, 2018

This video in the CONTACT Program is the second part of Consciousness Now. It’s about getting aware when things get crazy using a Separating Technique, and then choosing the Timing for tough or sensitive conversations wisely.

In this session you’ll learn how to Separate and regroup when things get intense in an interaction. You’ll learn when it’s a good idea to postpone a conversation and adjust the timing so you get the outcome you want for the interaction. 

Have you ever been triggered so intensely and emotionally, that you did or said something you wish you hadn’t?  Me too. Haven’t met someone who hasn’t.

Why do we do it? What Happens. We surrender to the emotion, let go of our discipline and do stupid things. We all do it sometimes.

I’m going to share a thought pattern and process that might help you the next time that you’re really triggered. It’s worked for me and many good leaders. 

First let’s...


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