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Get your people on the same page using the same CONTACT system for crucial conversations.


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Let us help your team with next level CONTACT communicating.

What are the '5' next level concepts in the CONTACT Communications Program for becoming a good communicator and leader?

1. Using the Human Interaction Process (HIP) as an awareness and conversation navigation tool. Every communication course I’ve looked at begins with self awareness. Have you heard the phrase; “shoot from the hip”? It means to react without careful consideration for one’s words or actions. We teach people to dance with the conversation HIP, to get win-win outcomes, instead of shoot from it.

2. Taking Stephen Covey’s, “seek first to understand, then to be understood to the next level of “Seek first to validate, then to be validated”

3. Taking the idea of finding common ground, also taught in many communications courses, to the next level of finding common intention. We talk about primary and secondary intentions to help guide the process.

4. I heard about a communications course teaching people to: get a ‘yes’ at least 3 times in a conversation. The CONTACT framework goes to the next level and gets each party to say yes, naturally, 8 or 10 times, because it validates each person human interaction process.

5. We help people build their EI, or as some call it, EQ, as they use the CONTACT framework, and we help them build resilience too.

They both build naturally, as one practices and gets good at communicating gently, effectively, honestly and authentically (GEHA) using the HIP as the navigation tool. BTW, the definition of the word geha is: “a term used to state agreement, or say Oh yes.”

The word and acronym fit perfect with the concepts. We teach people to dance with the communications HIP and be GEHA.

Basically, we teach them mindful communicating. What would it be like if your company had a common framework for mindful communicating that employees could follow — that helped them navigate SICC conversations, while building their EI and resilience?

That’s next level communicating.

How would that affect your company performance, profits and longevity? Positively.


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