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Motivational, uplifting and practical!  Thanks to Michael for providing simple strategies and useful tips to help our team become more effective communicators.  We’ve already incorporated the CONTACT Communication System and Masterminding technique into our tool box and it is proving to be highly effective in many of our interactions.  Michael’s insightful and interactive process provided much more than a few ideas - it has helped us to better navigate challenging situations with next level results.

Sam Blair, Senior Manager, Valard Construction, Environment
The ongoing survey and coaching services SuccessToolChest provides Alberco are a definite advantage to our human resource goals.”
Ron Simonsmeier, President, Alberco Construction Ltd. 

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Learn the framework for Seven Steps to Power Communicating in those important, sensitive or corrective conversations.  Create win-win outcomes.



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 Kevin Bialobzyski, Cascades Resources
His motivational skills are sharply honed. He is dedicated with a truly professional approach to the challenges meeting today’s businesses. His enthusiasm and alternate approach to finding business solutions is refreshing.”
 G.A. Derk, Derks Formals and Menswear

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